The Ultimate Religion

The Ultimate Religion is an exploration of the bible and extreme forms of Christianity. This book will resonate in particular with those who have experience of such 'churches' or who wish to understand the mentality of people who both lead and join such organisations.


This novel is inspired by real-life events, recounting numerous sentiments and experiences, both of my own and of friends of mine. However, in order to maintain anonymity, I have changed names, locales, identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties and occupations.


The story follows the protagonist, Megan, through a tumultuous upbringing and early religious experiences, to the point when she falls into the company of a fundamentalist Christian group and becomes embroiled in their contradictory world of genuine miracles, fun and love; coupled with religious fanaticism, gross sexism and social control.

This is a story of the making and breaking of precious friendships, of one woman's desire to find and understand her place in the world, healing for her past and a sense of self and purpose. Megan finds faith, loses it and rediscovers it, while experiencing the duality of others, gender division and authoritarianism she also discovers the true source of miracles.

I have endeavored to write openly about some difficult topics, such as abuse, terminal illness and gender roles. While I’m aware that some content may be contentious, shocking or painful to read, my hope is that this story will help others along their own roads to recovery, whatever they may be recovering from, and inform and broaden the minds of those to whom this may be entirely new territory.


I would like to state categorically that I am not anti-Christian or any other religion. I love to study different religions and beliefs and believe all faiths have some good and wisdom to share. In my blog I look deeper into the world's belief systems.


I am not a scholar of the bible and I am merely subject to what influences my thought, but I have quoted numerous, eye-opening biblical scriptures in parts of the book, mainly to illustrate the motives for some of the characters' beliefs and actions.


I do believe in the bible myself, but not to the exclusion of the many other religious books, nor of science. I personally believe that everything comes from one source and that that power which sustains us is simply known by many names the world over. Miracles happen all the time, to those that believe in and make connection with the divine.

The Ultimate Religion is now available on Amazon

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